Fraud Film Festival

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Fraud Film Festival
November 3 and 4, 2022

8 years
Fascinating movies and documentaries
Enthusiastic visitors
Involved partners

Fraud Film Festival 2021 Aftermovie 

Tuschinski Fraude Film Festival

About the Fraud Film Festival

Two full days with films and documentaries about fraud and the fight against it. The festival aims to increase public awareness about fraud and to force a break in the trend in the fight against it. We consciously choose to be different from regular film festivals; we unite appealing documentaries with instructive workshops and interactive Q&As in an attractive environment, the Royal Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam, where like-minded people can amply their network and chat.

Contact us

Stichting Fraude Film Festival

Adriaan Dortsmanplein 3

1411 RC Naarden

+31 6 424 341 57

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